Sarah Robson, Marketing Manager of Netstar IT Support, asked me to write a 2000-word article on Windows 10 Tips and Tricks.

“Richard is easy to work with as he is clear about scope and time-frames for articles. Working with him was a smooth process and he delivered good, clean copy.”

Sarah Robson, Netstar IT Support

Kashawn Butler, founder of Digital Remarketing Group, asked me to write the copy for all the pages of their website.

"From the get-go, I could Richard was talented and an expert at copywriting.  Any business seeking copywriting shouldn't hesitate to work with Richard - the results speak for themselves!"

Kashawn Butler, Digital Remarketing Group


About Us

Digital Remarketing Group is a search engine and social media ad agency with 3 traditional values:

We Relate, We Create, and We Elevate your online ad performance using data-driven digital marketing strategies. Our motto is simple, we’re an extension of our clients, when you winwe win!

Top-down, bottom-up

Our goal from the beginning was to take a complex and time-consuming task away from businesses like yours, making it easier to focus on making high-level marketing decisions.


The stat we’re most proud of?

50 times more conversions for retained clients! 

After years of ad testing, enhancing, and performing, we started building remarketing funnels that we carefully analyzed through our ‘top-down, bottom-up’ approach.  And that was our result.        

At Digital Remarketing Group we want you to get the most from your data.

That’s why we use a research method known as empirical processing.  When we receive your data, we place it through the ‘empirical cycle’, similar to what scientists use for analysing data. 

What returns to you however, is an easily digestible dashboard of useful information, making marketing decisions a whole lot easier.

Search remarketing

Despite your best efforts to place call-to-actions in the best spots of your website – many visitors will likely come and go without lifting a finger. 

Studies have shown that only 2-4% of site visits result in a transaction, but a customer’s online journey to purchase can include several searches.

Paid search advertising is important in driving relevant traffic to your website, and our experts have the experience and know-how to make it work for you.  Contact us now for more information.

Social media ads

Tired of waiting for ROI?  Paid advertising on social media can get you results from the day your website goes live.

And with customer-generated content, ability to grow repeat customers, relatively low costs, and huge reach potential – our experts are there to guide you every step of the way.    


Contact me for more sample pieces.  

Soothing your writing worries 
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