Simplifying the complex world around us using words.

Led by an experienced technology copywriter, we help tech companies connect with their audience by untangling complexity and freeing simplicity.

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Hello, I’m Richard...

I’m Richard King, a tech copywriter with an IT background. I help technology companies by creating easy-to-understand content that increases sales, reputation and customer experience.

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Richard King with accreditations from College Of Media and Publishing and ProCopywriters
5 Stars

“As a writer, Richard turns vague ideas into strong, precise deliverables, implements feedback as quickly as he receives it, and can adapt to the expectations of his clients. In our interactions, he has been positive and constantly improved in his output.”

Sidrah Ahmad, Digital Marketing Professional, Modern B2B

5 Stars

“Richard is a fantastic copywriter and a pleasure to work with. He takes a very considered approach to his writing - taking into account the objectives of the project and the audience he is writing for. He delivers top quality detailed content in a timely manner.”

Matt Johnson, Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at GoCardless

5 Stars

“Richard is an excellent technical copywriter. Having worked with him recently for a project I have found him very easy to work with, clear in his communication and fair value for money for top quality work. I’d have no hesitation in working with him again.”

Simon Davies, Commercial Director, Aztek Ltd.

5 Stars

“I had a great experience working with Richard and will be coming back for much more. His expertise in tech really shows in this writing.”

Aino Rantala, Marketing Specialist, Synetec

5 Stars

“I commissioned King Copywriting to write and manage social posting on LinkedIn for my client. The results: 129% uplift in page views, 81% uplift in unique visitors and 158% uplift in custom button clicks. I'm happy, my client is happy. Thanks for all your help!.”

Jane Comar, Owner, Union 10 Design

5 Stars

“King Copywriting is easy to work with and is clear about scope and time-frames for articles. Working with them was a smooth process and they delivered good, clean copy.”

Sarah Robson, Marketing Manager, Netstar IT

What can a technology copywriter do?

This symbolises technology copywriters write for the correct audience

Write for the
right audience

This symbolises technology copywriters reduce the jargon

the jargon

This symbolises technology copywriters write snappy sentences

Create snappy

This symbolises technology copywriters write exciting content

Turn boring
into exciting

This symbolises technology copywriters write human based tech content

Put the “human”
into tech

PRR (Pain-point, Remedy, Relief)

To help identify your target audience's needs and link them to your services or products, we’ve developed a unique method called PRR (Pain-point, Remedy, Relief).

This symbolises the pain-points your potential clients are facing

Pain points describe what challenges your potential clients are facing.

This symbolises the remedies are the services or products you offer are designed to fix pain

Remedies are the services or products you offer designed to fix their pain points.

This symbolises the emotions your prospects feel once pain-points have been relieved

Relief explains your prospects' emotions once their pain point has been resolved.

We create easy to understand copy that increases your sales, reputation and customer experience.

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iphone showcasing technology copywriter blog post content example

Blog posts

Drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine ranking with regular, helpful blog posts crafted for your target audience.

‘King Copywriting has not disappointed. The blog posts have been spot on. They are customer-focused, rarely need alterations and arrive consistently on time.’

Alison Stewart, Total Group International

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ipad showcasing technology copywriter website content example

Case studies

Connect with your interested prospects and do away with boring case studies. Our story-driven copywriting is compelling and easy to digest.

‘Richard is easy to work with as he is clear about scope and time-frames for articles. Working with him was a smooth process and he delivered good, clean copy.’

Sarah Robson, Netstar IT

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Tabs showcasing technology copywriter Facebook post example

Social media posts

Build valuable connections, drive traffic to your website and generate new leads with regular social media posts.

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Computer showcasing technology copywriter website content example

Website content

Gain highly optimised content, so your website ranks better in Google. We simplify complex information and make it appealing to your audience.

‘Richard’s background in IT, combined with his copywriting expertise, is what really sets him apart from many copywriters! Head straight to him if you need any website copywriting.’

Kristina White, Pont Capitol

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