Leaving jargon to the techies

Web developers love coding lingo, and software engineers can probably recite algorithms in their sleep. But for most people, technical language is a pain. Consumers want to learn about tech that brings meaning and benefits to their lives, and not all B2B prospects are technically savvy.

In today’s world of content overload, everyone is looking for simplicity.

Meet Richard - IT technician turned digital copywriter

Hi, I’m Richard King. I’ve lived and breathed in the world of computing, but as an IT technician, I realised how many end users were still struggling to use technology. From confusing error messages to jargon filled instructions, I recognised a need for better written communications. That’s why I created King Copywriting, to help simplify the complex world around us using words.

Richard King with accreditations from College Of Media and Publishing and ProCopywriters

Byte sized team

Our micro team of technology copywriters knows how to turn technical jargon into sales and craft benefit-driven, easy-to-understand content.

Pain point, Remedy, Relief (PRR)

To help create content that connects your services or products to potential buyers’ needs, we’ve created a unique methodology called Pain point, Remedy, Relief (PRR).


This symbolises the level 4 diploma in copyrighting accreditation Richard King has earned

Level 4 Diploma in Copywriting

This symbolises the first class degree in information technology accreditation Richard King has earned

First Class Degree in Information Technology

King Copywriting Values

This symbolises shapes changing showing adaptability


We believe that every business is unique, so we always adapt our copywriting to power your company’s voice.

This symbolises a king chess piece being systematic


We always couple the uniqueness of your business with a methodology that delivers results.

This symbolises richard being an experienced individual


Led by an experienced technology copywriter with a background in IT, our small team have worked with many IT and tech businesses.

5 ways we simplify your content marketing

Number 1 in a circle

Save you time

We believe that every business is unique, so we always adapt our copywriting to power your company’s voice.

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Give you a fresh
pair of eyes

Sometimes you can be so close to your business that you know what your product or service does perfectly well, but you're unsure how to sell it.

That's where a fresh pair of eyes with a focus on your readers’ needs will make all the difference.

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Provide clarity

Today there are so many platforms to publish content, it's difficult to know what to focus on.

We offer advice on what platforms your specific business should focus on to gain maximum ROI.

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Get you noticed

You may have the prettiest website in the world but it won't get noticed if people can't find it!

We elegantly place targeted keywords to elevate your Google ranking and ensure the right audience visits your website.

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Simplify technical language

You may have lots of jargon, but your clients might not understand it.

As B2B tech writers, we write complex information simply, so your services and products connect with your audience.

We create easy to understand copy that increases your sales, reputation and customer experience.

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