What’s the difference between a technical author and a technology copywriter?

Technical copywriters shares many common skills with a general copywriters, but their primary focus is the technology sector. It's important not to mistake them for technical authors, who are tasked with crafting content that explains the usage of a product or service. To easily differentiate:

  • Both technical and general copywriters create content aimed at persuasion or sales.
  • Technical authors, on the other hand, write exclusively to provide information or instructions.

What makes tech copywriting unique?

Pros in the tech industry may be well-versed in technical jargon, but their customers typically care about benefits like speed and storage space. Techies may understand industry-specific terms, but find it challenging to communicate the advantages of their products or services in a simple but compelling manner. This is precisely where a technology copywriter's expertise proves invaluable. Technology copywriters make tech products or services sound appealing and easyto use.

Why should I hire a technology copywriting company?

Typically, a technical copywriter comes from a computing-related background, like technical support or web development. They often hold qualifications in both IT and copywriting, making for a potent mix of technical prowess and marketing acumen.

Here's why you should consider hiring a tech copywriter:

  • They can decode complex tech terms into understandable, engaging content that prompts action.
  • They can offer a fresh perspective on whether a company is delivering the right content to its audience.
  • They can keep technical content from being dull or monotonous.
  • They have a mutual interest and expertise in the technology sector.

What are your copywriting rates?

Our rates are based around the ProCopywriters suggested rates for hiring copywriters. Get in touch now to request your price guide.

Do you require an up-front deposit?

For new clients and projects over £1000, we generally ask for a 50% deposit, payable within a week of receiving the deposit invoice, and before the project commences.

What types of copywriting content do you offer?

As a B2B copywriting specialist, we usually get asked to write blog posts, case studies, white papers, e-books, infographics, LinkedIn posts, and more. However, in truth, if you’ve got a content need, we’ve probably done it before! So don’t hesitate to make an enquiry today.

What’s your availability?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and rightly so. We know how many clients would like for us to get started straight away. Sometimes this is possible, but often we’ll be juggling a few projects at once, so we’ll need to fit new work around these. Either way, we’ll give you as accurate an answer as possible.

What background information do you need from us?

Generally speaking, the more information you have the better. That’s because part of the copywriting process is identifying the most relevant and beneficial details and creating clear, concise content. To make the requirements gathering easier for you, we’ve created a number of question-based documents for each copywriting type, which we’ll share with you during the initial planning stage.  

How many revisions are included in the price?
In addition to a first draft, two subsequent rounds of changes are included in the price, if required. This only applies up to the point where you sign off our work, publish it or begin using it on your live website.

Will copyright be transferred to us?
Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that ‘copyright’ is not the same as ‘copywriting’, which describes the process of creating text for marketing and advertising purposes. When we receive full and final payment, copyright of the work we produce is automatically assigned to you, and you can then use the work however you wish.

I’m looking for a UK copywriter, can you help?
Yes, absolutely. Our copywriting is UK based, but we also help clients from all over the world. We accept UK-based bank transfers and payments in other currencies via Wise, such as US dollars and Euros.