Netstar IT Support

What was the challenge?

Netstar IT Support, one of London’s leading IT support companies, required a freelance blog copywriter to help drive traffic to their website.

What was the solution?

We researched and produced a 2000-word article on Windows 10 Tips and Tricks. The blog posts included an interesting heading, easy-to-read subheadings and a strong call-to-action.

What were the results?

This long-form article provided Netstar IT’s clients and prospects with bite-sized, non-technical tips, plus advice on how to turn using them into a habit. We also worked alongside Sarah to help determine what screenshots should be used to support the relevant copy.

5 Stars

Richard is easy to work with as he is clear about scope and time-frames for articles. Working with him was a smooth process and he delivered good, clean copy.

Sarah Robson, Marketing Manager at Netstar IT Support