You have just 15 seconds to impress visitors to your website before they decided…should I stay or should I go? That’s according to David Zheng, Editor in Chief at CrazyEgg.

And there’s a mind-bending 380 websites being created EVERY minute, with a whopping total of 1,518,207,412 websites (as of January 2019). More:

With millions of websites competing for views, you’ll need punchy written content that will capture your reader’s attention, and keep it there!

Here are 5 reasons you might consider hiring a website copywriter:

1. You’re tired of never getting found by anyone.

You’ve spent loads of time making your website look perfect, only to discover no one can find it. Introducing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You may have heard this term floating around, and it’s not something you want to skip. A copywriter with SEO knowledge will help you climb the search engine ladder.

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2. You have an e-commerce site and need copy that will sell your products.

If you have an e-commerce business, making your product descriptions irresistible to a potential customer can be the difference between making or breaking a sale. E-commerce copy needs to make a splash, diving in with customer benefits from the get-go. A website copywriter will also have a strong grasp of adjusting tone and style to suit your intended audience.

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3. You would like your copy to marry up perfectly with your website imagery.

Your product or service isn’t going to sell itself. Imagery is a vital part of a buyer’s decision-making process, but written content nudges people to hit the buy button. A copywriter understands how to link the two together to create a cohesive website that converts potential customers.

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4. You want a copywriter that specializes in website writing.

Many copywriters specialize in 1 or 2 different areas, whilst others generalize. Hiring a copywriter with web writing expertise will increase your chances of moving up the search rankings faster. Some even have a background in a technical field such as IT, and therefore have extra knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language), usability and web design.

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5. You have other web-based content that needs writing.

Many of the principles and techniques which apply to website writing can also be used for other web content such as blogs, infographics, eBooks and social media. As a result, you can use your web copywriter for multiple purposes, improving consistency and simplifying the hiring process.

Hiring a copywriter that specializes in writing web copy has many benefits. They will likely have a better understanding of how to write for the digital landscape, using SEO practices such as keyword usage and content structuring.

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