Coronavirus is causing significant disruption to the way we work, and it’s inevitably going to get worse before it gets better. More and more businesses are asking their employees to work from home – but preparing, adjusting, and managing remote work is difficult if you’re not used to it.

Working remotely has huge benefits, and there’s even talk the crisis could lead to a permanent shift towards home working. But Covid-19 hasn’t allowed many businesses to prepare to manage many, if not all, of their staff to work remotely.

Technical issues, time-management problems, and communication difficulties could all lead to a slowdown in getting work completed. And that’s without considering staff shortages that could arise from people being off ill or needing to look after relatives.

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Some tech companies are seeing increased demand

IT support companies and other tech businesses are seeing an increase in demand for remote working tools, teleconferencing services and even virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

In terms of content creation, these sectors might want to put out a variety of content in the coming months, including:

· Blogs highlighting the challenges and benefits of remote working, helpful tools and general advice

· Promoting their remote software tools and products through their website

· Business Continuity Plans

· Landing pages to promote remote working tools

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Benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter at a time of crisis

Hiring a freelancer during a period of uncertainty has some clear benefits. First, as we don’t know how long the disruption will last, you can take advantage of the flexibility offered by a freelancer who can offer support when it’s needed.

You don’t have to worry about the long-term commitment required with hiring a full-time employee, as well as the lengthy hiring process and admin that delays start dates.

A freelancer is used to getting on with tasks without supervision, which is especially beneficial if you’re managing other employees that are working from home for the first time.

As a freelance technology copywriter, I’m already set up to work remotely. This means there’s no downtime getting started on new projects. No setting up, no technical issues and no communication problems.

Get in touch today to see how I can offer extra support for your business during these unprecedented times.

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