We all know how important it is to communicate effectively with our clients. But now, more than ever, people are looking for answers. Many businesses are only just starting to adapt to a new way of working and keeping your clients up to date remains a top priority. Knowing what to say to your clients during a delicate time is a significant challenge.

Here are some tips to help you communicate with your clients more effectively.

Reassure your clients

During these challenging times, people are looking for reassurance. Even if your services are not top priority for people, they’ll appreciate regular updates to let them know what’s going on and if there are any changes they should know about.

Remind them that your team are hard at work to make sure they continue to receive an excellent service. Be empathetic to concerns and try to provide answers to some commonly asked questions. You can even set up a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help people out and prevent yourself from being overwhelmed with client queries.

Provide genuine value

Think about what products and services you offer which bring real value to people during this time. For example, if you’re an IT company that provides remote support, you’ll want to remind clients about these additional services.

However, remember that many people are not in ‘buying mode’ now, so you might want to hold back on your usual marketing and sales material. Instead, write new content which focuses on how your services help people overcome challenges, such as working from home or communicating with co-workers.

Don’t talk about coronavirus ALL the time

Everywhere you look, people are talking about coronavirus. However, don’t feel like all your communications needs to focus on this. Instead, think about how you can provide information that resonates with people – without using the ‘c’ word. Most people want to continue with some form of normality, so taking a break to talk about something else could bring some relief to your clients.

Send a positive message

We’re consuming negative news at a faster rate than ever before. That’s why your clients will appreciate communications that contain positive energy. If your business is doing something for a good cause – celebrate this with your customers. Let your clients know you understand how difficult things are now and that you’re there for them.

Communicate regularly

During a time of uncertainty, people want to be regularly updated with new information. Things to think about include:

  • How you are keeping your clients and employees safe. If you need to make an on-site visit, how is this handled?
  • How to get in contact in case of an emergency and what to do about non-emergencies.
  • Where to go for more advice. This could be an external source or another area such as a page on your website.
  • What extra steps you’re taking to help clients. This could be by making communicating easier by using video conferencing tools or providing an alternative payment method, for example.
  • How you will continue to update clients going forward. Will this be by email, text, phone – or a combination?

Effective communication with your clients is vital during these difficult times, but by providing them with useful information, regular updates and reassuring content – you demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety, professionalism and care.

In the weeks and months ahead, your coronavirus communications will need to adapt to the quickly changing situation. And if the content is poorly conceived, it could result in damage to your brand that extends beyond the duration of the virus.

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