You know your services inside out. The terminology, processes – what’s included and what’s not. But how do you know if your potential customers ‘get it’? Maybe they’re not familiar with the words and phrases you assume they know. It’s not easy to gauge how to write for your intended audience. In fact, only 5% of the population have high computer-related abilities, so making sure your written content is easy to understand is vital.

Your jargon translator

An IT copywriter translates technical jargon into content, which not only makes sense to potential customers but helps to sell your services. They’re often equipped with knowledge in areas such as marketing, psychology and user experience. They know the art of persuasion, bringing out the best of your services and showcasing their strongest benefits.

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Improved working relationship

More than anything, an IT copywriter will have your target audience at the forefront of their mind. But unlike a generalist copywriter, they’ll often have a background in a technical field, such as IT. This makes for a great working relationship, as both of you will be on the same wavelength from the start. They’ll understand technical details from the get-go, resulting in less time researching and more time writing compelling copy.

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Blessed with B2B know-how

Many IT services are B2B (business-to-business). As a result, many IT copywriters are already familiar with writing for this audience. B2B and B2C (customer-to-customer) marketing differ greatly. For example, B2C readers are more likely to purchase based on emotion, whereas B2B readers tend to make decisions based on logic.

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Final thoughts

If you’re an IT or technology-related business, hiring an IT copywriter makes sense. You may be an expert in your field, but customers only want to hear about what benefits them. Most people don’t understand technical talk. An IT copywriter will make your services appealing and tempting – so you can focus on the techy stuff.

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